Behind the Label

You might not be seeing the whole picture when it comes to prescription drug pricing. Scroll down to look behind the label and see the damaging side effects of secret drug pricing.

Scroll down to peel the label

Side Effects:

  • Increased costs for patients
  • Unpredictable price swings
  • Murky price agreements between pharmacy benefit managers, health plans, pharmacies and drug makers

Tamper Evidence:

Sudden spikes in drug prices, particularly after drug company acquisitions

Secretive drug pricing is not for everyone:

  • Not for consumers
  • Not for physicians who put patients first
  • Not for the 1 in 4 Americans who have a chronic condition

Secretivamine makes life harder for patients.

The lack of transparency in drug pricing adversely affects patients’ access to needed medications, and it’s time we bring attention to how harmful this is. Delve into harrowing accounts about what happens to real people when the system prioritizes profits over patients.

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