Prescription Drug Sticker Shock

Spending on prescriptions in the US increased nearly 20% between 2013 and 2015.* It’s clear – the cost of medications is rising. What’s unclear is just how prescription drugs are priced – and why you pay what you do.


Make Pricing Transparent
Prescription medications aren’t like other consumer products. Like food, shelter, and water, they can be a matter of life or death. Yet, patients are left in the dark as to why the price of medicine and their out-of-pocket costs are rising.
Restore Affordability
If pharmaceutical companies aren’t required to explain their rising prescription drug prices, it could eventually make health care unaffordable for many Americans. Help us protect the future of health care.
Put Patients Over Middlemen
The costs of prescription drugs are often negotiated by drug players who aren’t required to disclose their pricing agreements. These middlemen turn a profit, while patients continue to pay a high premium.
A price with purpose
People have a right to know why the price of their prescription medication fluctuates year after year when its ingredients stay the same. That’s why we’re on a mission to uncover the truth behind prescription drug pricing – join us.